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This you’re Dashboard Page where you can find all your Submitted Stories and vote details. We also request you to submit unique content because if you are promoting unique content then it will be help you like Guest Post because we are providing High Quality Do Follow Backlinks. We are including your submitted stories in our sitemap.xml page so it will crawl in Google after 3 to 7 days.

Bookmarkmonk is not only Social Bookmarking site if you are publish unique and higher length content then it will be higher chance to rank in Google and you get higher quality Anchor Text backlink.

Also We aren’t allow Sexual, Shocking, Explosives, Guns, gun parts, and related products, Other weapons, Tobacco, Recreational drugs, Alcohol sale or misuse, Online gambling, Prescription drugs and Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements related content. So don’t waste your and our time If we found any kind of related content then we are remove your user account and it will be remove all your submission as well.

They are so many website available in the internet that are providing Social Bookmarking submission but have you check among them how many websites are providing Do Follow backlink. When you check then you realize 70 to 80% website just submit your content on their website but they never provide you Do Follow backlink. And also they are removed your content and submitted story after some time so you lost backlink after the deletion.

We have received many emails from our users about How Bookmarkmonk effective for their Link Building strategy. They check their submitted story URL in Google and they found crawled do follow link and also crawl time is very less and approximate 1 week they get result.

We will repeat again Bookmarkmonk is not only Social Bookmarking website just try submission with Higher quality and unique content so you get idea about How effective Bookmarkmonk is.

Thank you for being a part of Bookmarkmonk family…